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Why Seascape?

Seascape provides increased insights into classes and provides tools to make dealing with courses and course registration easier.

The smartest CAPE

Seascape takes averages for course sections over all quarters and makes predictions for future quarters based on this data, making it easier to decide if a course is worth taking.

Course listing

Automated course scheduling

Seascape can use its database of courses to automatically build a quarter schedule based on your preferences.

Coming soon

Course plan generator

Seascape understands UCSD course requirements, and can automatically generate a full college course plan based on your college, major, and fulfilled prerequisites.

Coming soon

Help us help you

Seascape is an open-source project created by a couple of undergrads here at UCSD. As a result, Seascape probably lacks useful features and contains lots of bugs. Feel free to file an issue with potential improvements or make a contribution yourself!

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